Bdour is committed to providing high quality janitorial and floor cleaning services for organisations in Jordan and the surrounding countries. Bdour is headquartered in Amman and has been in the janitorial service and floor cleaning business since 1980. With this level of experience and over 150 employees under its employment Bdour has the resources to handle customers of any size.
Bdour offers a full range of contract cleaning services to businesses across Jordan and the region. Whether you have a small office or corporate business, an industry or utility, we have the experience and skills to maintain and clean your premises to optimal standards, whatever the day and time of your choice.
Our services include office cleaning, Industrial cleaning, common areas cleaning, retail and showroom cleaning, school cleaning, and specialised cleaning for hard floors, walls, furniture, window cleaning and carpets. Whatever we are cleaning we bring the latest cleaning innovations and techniques to achieve outstanding results for our customers.
We adhere to a strict colour coding policy for all our equipment and materials, the colour coding is a simple but important step that will make a large contribution to hygiene standards and help with the elimination of cross infection. With one colour designated to use in each area, the risk of bacteria being transferred is minimised.
The management team will constantly inspect the quality of the service being provided against the agreed cleaning specifications, whilst at the same time will give cleaning operatives enough support to improve and maintain their performance at work. We have built our business on providing outstanding customer service, which means we have an excellent retention rate for the industry.
Our aim is to offer our clients a first class cleaning service which is well organised and good value for money. If it is time to review your cleaning contract or you are unhappy with your current service, Bdour can provide a detailed cleaning schedule and quotation that is tailor to your specific requirements.

At Bdour we provide the service in these main categories :

Daily office cleaning
  • Interior cleaning
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Washroom services
  • Mat services
  • Waste handling
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Health care cleaning
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Food hygiene cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Periodical Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Maintenance of floors
  • Window cleaning
  • Road sweeping
  • Grounds cleaning
  • Specialised cleaning
  • Cleaning of fixtures and installations
  • Duct and HVAC cleaning
  • Height cleaning
  • Laundry services
  • Fa├žade and signage cleaning
  • We work hard to make your place clean

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